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Heating With Renewable Energy

Learn how to merge renewable heat sources (such as solar thermal collectors, hydronic heat pumps, and wood-fired boilers) with the latest hydronics hardware and low temperature distribution systems to assemble efficient, reliable, and economically sustainable systems.

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The use of renewably-sourced thermal energy is growing year by year, both domestically and globally. Modern hydronics technology is the underlying “glue” that form the basis of many systems using this energy.

Heating with Renewable Energy was written specifically to show designers and engineers how to use modern hydronics technology in combination renewable energy heat sources such as solar thermal collectors, heat pumps, and wood-fired boilers. It uses modern hydronics as the enabling technology for these systems

This heavy illustrated text covers the hydronic “building blocks” used on all systems. It provides detailed discussions for each type of renewable energy heat source. It includes the analytical tools needed for proper design, and gives many examples of how they are used. It combines hardware and design concepts into several complete system designs for each type of renewable energy heat source.

This text is fashioned after the highly successful Cengage text: Modern Hydronic Heating, For Residential and Light Commercial Buildings, now in its 4th edition. It is written by an experienced engineer for those who want to design and construct practical, efficient, and “economically sustainable” systems.

Who can benefit from this book?

• Plumbing & Heating contractors

• HVAC contractors

• HVAC mechanical engineers

• Architects

• Renewable energy professionals

• Low energy home builders

• Energy auditors

• Non-profits involved in energy market transition to electricity

• Managers for workforce development programs

• Union training programs


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