Modern Hydronic Heating - 3rd Edition

By: John Siegenthaler, P.E.

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From simple applications to multi-load systems, MODERN HYDRONIC HEATING, 3rd EDITION shows you how to use the latest design techniques and hardware to create hydronic heating systems that deliver comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency. Heavily illustrated with product and installation photos, and hundreds of new, full-color, highly detailed schematics, this 744 page edition is a one-of-a-kind comprehensive reference on contemporary hydronic heating. It transforms engineering-level design information into practical tools that can be used by students and heating professional alike. This revised edition provides extensive coverage of topics such as renewable energy heat sources, hydraulic separation, smart circulators, distribution efficiency, thermal accumulators, mixing methods, system balancing, heat metering, and web-enabled control systems. Everyone in the heating trade can benefit from this preeminent resource. It is well-suited for use in a formal education course, self-study, or as an on the job reference.

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Establishes the fundamentals of thermal and hydraulic design, and then demonstrates how those fundamentals are consistently applied in practical situations.

Encourages a strong understanding of details using full color piping and electrical schematics that illustrate nearly every piping and control technique used in modern hydronic heating.

Presents design tools that teach readers how to assess the performance of proposed systems before they are installed, avoiding potentially costly mistakes.

Provides a complete list of variables and their required units whenever a formula is introduced. Presents examples with solutions and follow-up discussion on a wide range of design calculations.

Emphasizes how to create simple and reliable systems without sacrificing energy efficiency or comfort.

Empowers readers for success in today's heating industry through complete and unbiased information, making it one of the heating profession's leading references.

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